Terms of Participation

  1. Istanbul Aydin University International Student Biennial is open to every domestic and foreign Associate Degree, Undergraduate, Master’s Degree, PhD (Proficiency in the Arts) students.
  2. Participation to the biennial is free.
  3. It is mandatory to send a scanned version of the student certificate or a student ID card.
  4. Artworks that cannot be transferred to digital media must be sent by photographed version on a clean and white surface.
  5. All the artwork to be sent must have minimum 300 dpi resolution, under 15 MB file size and must be in JPEG format.
  6. Every participant’s work should be sent with a citation and a descriptive text.
  7. Maximum participation number of work is two for every participator.
  8. Artworks to be sent under the performance or video category should have minimum 720p (1280×720) resolution and maximum 100 MB file size.
  9. Participants should send a short resume that describes them.
  10. Applications will be made via “Upload Artwork” link.
  11. The participants accepts, declares and undertakes that the work they sent for the biennial is entirely their own and that it has not been formally taken from any other source. Otherwise, the participant’s application will not be accepted and they will be prohibited from participating in future Istanbul Aydin University International Student Biennials.
  12. Participants who have completed their application are deemed to have accepted that they have transferred their rights to display, distribute, if necessary print, copy and share their artworks via social media during the biennial period.